2018MBA考研管理类联考英语二翻译真题答案 考研 英语二

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  Inthis section there is a test in English。 Translate it into Chinese。 Write yourtranslation on ANSWER SHEET。 (15points)

  Afifth grader gets a homework assignment to select his future career path from alist of occupations。 He ticks “astronaut” but quickly adds “scientist” to thelist and select it as well。 The boy is convinced that if he reads enough, hecan explore as many career paths as he likes。 And so he reads—everything fromencyclopedias to science fiction novels。 He reads so passionately that hisparents have to institute a “no reading policy” at the dinner table。

  Thatboy was Bill Gates, and he hasn’t stopped reading yet—not even after becomingone of the most successful people on the planet。 Nowadays,hisreading material has changed from science fiction and reference book:recently,herevealed that he reads at least 50 nonfiction books a year。 Gates choosesnonfiction titles because they explain how the world works。 “Each book opens upnew avenues of knowledge,” Gates says。


  一个五年级的学生得到一份家庭作业,作业要求是从一系列职业中选择自己未来的职业道路。 他在“宇航员”那一项后面画了勾,但很快自己给名单增加了“科学家”这一项,然后也打了个勾。男孩相信,只要他读得书够多,他尽可以探索各种自己喜欢的职业道路。于是他真的读了很多书,从百科全书到科幻小说,各种书读了个遍。他对读书是如此有激情(痴迷),以至于他的父母不得不制定“吃饭时不许读书”的规矩。